e-MTSS PRO Product Information

Overview of e-MTSS PRO

Tailored to Arizona's unique requirements, e-MTSS PRO is a web-based Arizona-focused Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) software that simplifies the management of the academic and social-emotional supports for students. The components of this new stand-alone web-based software contain some of the same components that have been available in MediaNet's e-IEP PRO flagship product utilized for many years by hundreds of Arizona school districts and schools. The e-MTSS PRO is also supported by the same team that provides end-user training and support for the e-IEP PRO.

Examples of the data-driven MTSS forms and features that are provided in the e-MTSS PRO include:

  • Intervention Plan
  • Comprehensive Progress Monitoring
  • Parent Invitation Letter
  • Parent Notification Letter
  • Referral Form
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
  • 45 Day Screening Form
  • Gap Analysis Worksheet
  • And, more...

MSI has been in business for 25 years and has been providing the e-IEP PRO to schools, districts and agencies for the past 23 years. MSI has 7 professionals dedicated to fully meeting the needs of its customers.

MTSS is an instructional system with a tiered infrastructure that uses data to help match academic and social-emotional supports to address the needs of the whole child.

More specifically, MTSS is an instructional process that offers a:
  • Tiered infrastructure that uses data to help match academic and social-emotional supports to address the needs of the whole child;
  • Universal Design for Learning, differentiation and integrated academic, social-emotional, and behavioral supports at all levels;
  • Proactive, responsive and equitable system of support for students;
  • Set of evidence-based practices and procedures in curriculum, instruction and assessment;
  • Whole system engagement and integrated use of all adults and resources.

The e-MTSS PRO is designed to assist Arizona LEAs in better supporting and managing these processes for their students.

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Slide Presentation and Software Demonstration Videos

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e-MTSS PRO Slides Presentation


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